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We have helped many companies make full use of information technology and the internet.

Here we aim to give you an insight in to some of the work we have done recently and to show you the impact a practical and professional solution can have on your business


Online community building and data management

Oxfam needed a way to manage the contact details of their thousands of volunteers. As the data they already hold has been gathered over a number of years,. much of it is out of date and potential volunteers are now uncontactable. They need to find a solution to deal with a number of issues, including: Reducing the administrative overhead involved with organising events, Maintaining up to date contact information for their volunteers, Building an online community for their volunteers to interact with each other, Improving communications with their volunteers.
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Web-based retailer of mobile phone accessories

Porta-Charge sell innovative mobile phone accessories from their website. Their website had a number of problems. The two main issues were that it wasn't performing very well in the search engines and it was a laborious process to add new products to the site.
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Farplants Sales

n-tier data distribution

Farplants is a co-operative joint venture of 7 grower companies, and one of the UK's largest wholesale suppliers of garden plants. Twenty-five specialist production sites are operated by the members, who grow over 9 million plants a year on 103 acres.

Due to the success of the company they had outgrown their existing solution for processing orders, we were asked to propose and develop a new system.
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search engine marketing

The ShelfStore furniture system is a single product with hundreds of solid pine inter-linking components. Since the mid 1970's they have supplied tens of thousands of customers across the UK with shelving & storage units for sitting rooms, children's bedrooms, adult bedrooms, home offices and libraries.

As an established vendor of a quality product, Shelfstore wanted to make better use of the internet by encouraging more existing and new customers to use their website.
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