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Porta-charge had an ecommerce website which used OSCommerce, an open source ecommerce platform. This was an off-the-shelf system which didn'tt have all the functionality required by Porta-charge, and was not always easy to use. It was not very user friendly for users without technical knowledge. This made it very time consuming to add new products, and this was slowing their growth.


The key problem with the old system was the time it took to upload products; the user needed to know html and even then it was a laborious task.

Also, Porta-Charge wanted to have additional features such as related products to encourage customers to purchase other lines.

The old system didn't seem too search engine friendly - and operating solely online this is crucial to business success.


Porta-Charge was happy with the layout look, and navigation of their old site. They wanted their new site to retain the look and feel of the old site - not only because they were happy with it but because they had a number of repeat customers that they didn't want to alienate or confuse..


Key One built a templated ASP based system that has enabled Porta-Charge to add products in a much quicker time - it is also much more user-friendly meaning even staff with little technical knowledge can soon feel comfortable uploading products.

New additions and features included automatic image re-sizing so that when Porta-Charge upload a product image the system automatically re-sizes it for different sections of the site e.g. thumbnail image, main product image etc.

The system has allowed Porta-Charge to scale their business much quicker and Porta-Charge has estimated that sales increased 100% just 6 months after completion of the new site.

Key One encouraged Porta-Charge to use a merchant account and payment service provider solution that meant customers never left the site when paying for their goods (previously they were re-directed to a third party site) Porta-Charge took our advice and this has meant a much more 'seamless' shopping experience for their customers. Porta-Charge think this is reflected in their increased sales.

Porta-Charge also have some great new features such as related products which help to increase sales by offering customers other products that they might be interested in. Porta-Charge are also appearing higher in the search engines and expect this to continue over the course of coming months.

Porta-Charge also now have tools to encourage repeat custom from their customers - such as a simple newsletter feature which allows Porta-Charge to email customers with their latest products and special offers - this is critical to building a long-term relationship with the customer and establishing the Porta-Charge brand.


Whilst our new website looks identical to the old one, it hides a lot of new tools and functionality in the back-office area that makes our lives a lot easier when it comes to updating the site and processing orders. We are very pleased with the level of professionalism throughout the development of the new site and we're very happy with the end result
Jason Lipton , Managing Director


The new site we developed for Porta-Charge has resulted in >100% growth for the past 2 years. They have since come back to us for additional development to further enhance their site, specifically in relations to dealing with the ongoing growth. New systems are now in place to ensure they can continue to manage the continued growth whilst delaying the need to employ more staff for as long as possible.

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