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Many of you may be familiar with, a perl script that takes the details entered into a form on a website and emails them to the owner of the site. Here we supply code and instructions on how to set up something similar for use with ASP / VBScript.

Full support for use of these scripts is given free of charge to existing hosting customers.

For a version of this script that also allows for file attachments please click here.

Firstly create a file called formmail.asp and copy the following code into it.

Read the editing instructions at the top of the file to set sender and recipient email addresses, etc. Save the file and upload it to your web space.

Now to create the form that users will see. An example of the form is given below.

Upload the page containing your form and try it out. If your are a client of Key One and you are having problems getting this script to work then please contact your account manager or email
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