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This tool is used for calculating projected monthly bandwidth usage/costs when streaming audio and/or video.

Whilst most other providers sell 'listener slots' so that you have a set number of maximum listeners at any given time, we prefer to charge by bandwidth consumption because we feel this is a more honest approach.

Bandwidth or 'data transfer' refers to how much data you transfer between our servers and your listeners/viewers in any given period. Besides the number of listeners, there are a number of other factors that can effect the amount of bandwidth you consume. They are all displayed on the calculator opposite:

If you require any help using the calculator, please feel free to get in touch.

Number of listeners
per day:
Encoding rate    kbps
This is the quality of the audio/video that you broadcast.
The lower the quality of the broadcast the less bandwidth you will consume.
Clip/Broadcast Length   minutes
How often   days per month
Reserved Bandwidth   GB
Enter the amount of bandwidth that is pre-paid.
Cost of Additional Bandwidth   per 5GB

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